Muirden College, established in 1900, has provided quality education in a flexible learning environment for over 100 years. Muirden offers subjects specifically aimed at University entrance.

Muirden provides a friendly, positive work situation which encourages teachers and students to work together to achieve mutually agreed goals.

At Muirden we acknowledge and accept individual differences. We provide a supportive setting which encourages students to develop a responsible and positive approach to their work and the school community.

Our teachers are dedicated, highly qualified professionals who bring with them a variety of educational and personal experiences and enjoy working with young people. They support a flexible learning environment which enables students to achieve their educational goals.

Muirden offers a wide range of subjects which provide pathways to tertiary entrance with particular emphasis on those subjects that enable students to study at University.

It is our aim to remain a small school community of between 100 and 120 full-time equivalent enrolments over the two senior years. This means that our classes are much smaller than in traditional schools. Our average class has between 10 and 15 students. Some of our classes have as few as 5 students. This allows more time for teachers to work with students on an individual basis.

We offer greater flexibility with timetabling and access to learning for example: some students complete work via the internet; others stay and work into the evenings and some students choose to complete their studies during the school holidays etc. Deadlines can be negotiated between teacher and student on an individual basis. This is possible because staff have time to do this, as they are not constrained by having to accommodate 30+ students in their classrooms and in their marking schedule.

There are no other activities at the school – no pressure to be a member of the student council or the netball team for instance. There are many extras in traditional schools which some young people find frustrating.

At Muirden students access the College so they may achieve their academic goal.

I would be happy to speak to you over the phone or in an interview if you wish to know more about our College. I am proud to be involved with the College, and look forward to meeting the needs of our students. You may contact me by telephone: +61(08) 8212 4342.

Dr Barbara Harding