Our Film Studies students have impressed us with their second assessment work.

Check out this one by Kelsie.

A Day in the Life Muirden Senior College, Adelaide, SA.

Summative Assessment #2 

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ECO Art Project






The Burden of Humanity 

I feel that I’m an oddity 

A single abnormality 

I think I need to look again 

To find out what I really am 

Because on earth you have to be 

A capitalist so to be free 

With consumerism to tie you down 

And happy pills to turn your frown 

Is this what our society 

Will become inevitably 

Unquestioning of existence 

And live under such a false pretence 

We dream so much of unity 

Yet succumb to such insanity 

With governments to clown around 

And people die without a sound 

The answer is not anarchy 

Never believe in monarchy 

Democracy is but a joke 

Oligarchy will yield no yolk 

So how then is it that some see 

That capable of peace are we 

It’s not apparent we’ll succeed 

In any selfless kind of deed 

I think I know to some degree 

That we don’t like unanimity 

Because we all need foes to fight 

Our self-indulgent human plight 

It is clear now that fear is key 

In establishing sensibility 

A common evil to destroy 

For efforts which we must employ 

I am not able to agree 

With guns and bombs and cavalry 

This evil is not tangible 

And is more unpredictable 

Idealism or ideology 

We all must consider carefully 

As either one can be turned bad 

The results of which will be quite sad 

I shall now reveal the enemy 

It is indeed Philosophy 

The urge to think so critically 

Is detrimental to our psyche 

We should not think existentially 

It does not reflect reality 

I hope you’ve noticed the irony 

Which presents itself so silently


emilyYoung Writers Award